Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lets Go Antiquing

Lets Go Antiquing!

How exciting is it to head to your Antique Shop and browse? I love it! Why because it brings you back into time and place which can allow you to find a part of history. What I epically like is the stylise and the structure of all the furniture and lets not forget the china which I truly adore and collect.

Each of us have our own taste of design and pattern of china linens and furniture but for me I like to mix and match lets face it my home has never been a pattern of any single design epically my china. My formal table setting for any dinner can rage from 1950's Fire King and or Pyrex and the famous 1940s Modern tone pink dinner ware. To Limoges Spode & Dresden but with this I usually collect cake plates and use this at my actual dinner plates very clever and pretty but the key is never having anything match. It is fun and creative.

My true passion for many years and still is Vintage Cloths. I have and still do collect clothing from the 1900-1950 from hats to beaded gowns but this takes time and patience as good vintage clothing is far between. My true passion are hats my collection is superb and would not trade for the world. When you become a collector you have to study your history and this I did. You have to understand the fabric and usually the clothing reflected the history of what was going on. For example the 1920's a time for liberation for women some of my gowns were very suductive and you would diffidently raise your eyebrow woman back them smoke drank and partied but never again can you find the quiltie and the feminine of such a era.

The 1930's were a harder time and the cloths of the everyday house wife were simple lots of cotton and linen only the the very wealth could afford the silks. chiffon's and the cost of owning such clothing was high more then the average family could afford.

Women were very small the plus size gal was most likely a 14 and even our size 10 or smaller have a hard time fitting into a gown or dress from the 20's 30's and some 40's so for me most all of my clothing went on a manque or dress form.

The hunt was always exciting. Getting wind of a estate sale and seeing if there might be a Chance of some vintage clothing was always exciting. getting there early was always the key and usually I would be lucky as not to many people were collectors of vintage clothing so I could stand a chance of a jack pot.

My entire house is furnished from estate sales, auctions, yard sales and lets not forget thrift stores. My last piece of furniture is from a thrift store and it is a 1900 solid mahogany sideboard beautiful and perfect for my home and the price well lets say it was a true barging!

Time is the key to the hunt and now that I show my dogs I do not have the time to dedicate to the time that is needed to collect. But I do Cherish the collection I have. Most of my 20's I have sold except for my hats.

Antiquing is individual experience, I have loved every minute of my adventures and sometimes my guest in my home start to browse and look at all of my treasure that I have collected which makes my home the warm and comfortable Lydia's Little Corner of the World


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