Thursday, February 20, 2014

Understanding Dog People Not Sure I Will Ever!

This is a tough subject to write about because I am crossing over to Human Behavior and I sometimes I truly do not understand it.
At least in the dog world behavior is pretty cut and dry very little grey area but in human behavior, lets face it, crossing over and gray areas there is plenty of it in fact to much sometimes I much prefer the dog world as animals are much more forgiving.

Let me start in the show ring. Dog people! What a complex group of folks who spend there time with the most loving and giving animal in the world. The Dog!
I myself show  my Poodles not in the Breed Ring but in Performance.  Within this time frame of 10 years I have met some wonderful folks mostly people like me starting out and showing in Novice classes but there are those showing in upper classes. Folks trying to achieve there Championship in my venue of Obedience or other performance sports such as Agility and thus making some serious stuff. I guess you can't blame them achieving a championship especially in performance takes a lot of work and team effort from both you and your dog.

One situation stands out in my mind and it was pretty hurtful as well.I decided to drive to Ocala Florida which is considered North Florida.Their was a  AKC Obedience Trial I was not triling my one poodle Jacob but decided to drive to Ocala with Jacob to watch his Father and sister who both were enterd in the trial.
I drove for over 3hours in the cold weather with Jacob finally arriving at the obedience trial whom I met my Aunt who lives in Ocala Thank God she had brought a extra Jacket with her as I was so cold and not prepared for this kind of weather.

I took Jacob out and walked him around but did not bring him inside as I wanted to walk around a bit to get my bearings.
once inside I was over whelmed as there was no place to move around let alone set up crate as you see the facility was a Gym and a small one at that. Handlers were having to place there crates in the locker room  and the rings all three of them were very sung and close together no room at all for my Jacob and I just to close for a novice dog so I thought it was best to leave him on the van. Gosh knows it was cool enough.

Looking for a couple who owned Jacob father found them watching a class I quietly walked over and spoke to the wife. My God you would of thought I was extremely disruptive but I was not! So quiet I was not to disturbed them but it was very clear to me that I had. The Husband would not even acknowledge me. Sitting next to them was a judge he practically jumped out of his chair to move away which I thought was odd. I got the hint so I left them. At first I was ready to go home but. My Aunt said Gee and you have a puppy of the fathers you would think they would be a little bit friendly.
My Aunt said I would not wast my time. Now I totally understand if you are working your dog and getting ready to go into the ring I have enough since not to interrupt as you want a connection with your dog before going into the ring. However, this was not that situation it was watching a class! Seriously!! Too me you should be able to acknowledge the fact that someone has come to wish you luck.Especially  someone who has driven so far!

I then went back outside and  the breeder just happen to be in the parking lot as she recognized Jacob! She was very happy to see the both of us and the meet and greet with Jacob was priceless he remembered her and truly showed his love for her it did bring tears to my eyes.
The breeders dog was being shown as well and I did video her dog and sent her the video. Meeting up with the breeder made a huge difference from the owners that have Jacobs father.

Later, Jacobs father was shown and did very well earned his UDX Title which is very hard to achieve as in  Jacob sister titling and earning her CDX Title. I did not watch there classes as I was watching the breeders dog and filming and it seemed that there class was going the same time as the class that I was watching.
Jacobs fathers owner was so happy with this title and how his dog shown he was on cloud nine and I am sure I would be too. I thought it would be a good time to ask to get their picture but wrong I was he motion for me to move out of his way and muttered something not too sure what it was! So again I was snubbed!
My aunt saw this and said "Lydia! Why are you wasting your time with them"? Truly she was correct. They made no effort to talk with me. Ask about Jacob. Or thank me for driving a distance... At this  point if it was not for the breeder and my Aunt I would of headed home.

Now with this all said it is has been my observation that handlers when getting into the upper classes take it very seriously especially  trying to attain a championship. I totally understand this however, there is no need for rudeness or being caddy.

This was a lesson for me and it was a painful one. I am sure I will run into them at other trials however I will always be polite but next time there will be no effort on my part to extend any type
 of friendship or knowledge on how Jacob is doing.  



Charlotte Pond said...

I'm with you Lydia - I love the lower levels of performance competition! Everyone can "win" & the people I've met are so willing to help each other out. It is FUN!! When things stop being FUN - we're outta here.

Lydia said...

This truly was a rude snub. because you failed to mention they had invited you up when meeting you and Jacob at a previous trial.
humans are cruel and self righteous
creatures just look back through history. It is only when one develops beyond that state of consciousness one become appreciative of all life, in all levels of experience. CRUEL BUT GREAT WAKE UP CALL. Remember you were the civil one.

Lydia said...

I cannot agree with you more Charlotte. I go to the dog trials to enjoy my dogs and have fun if it gets to serious then I truly are not enjoying.
Some folks are just plan mean and in this situation it was a matter of non importance I just was not in the circle I did learn a very valuable lesson, I will not place myself in that situation ever again