Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Simple but Beautiful Christmas Sugar Cookie

It seems that every year when the Holidays approach I seem to get the desire to bake. Coming from four generations of professional bakers you would think  it is a natural thing for me to do. Yes and No! On something I excel. But on others it is a struggle. For Example The  CHRISTMAS SUGAR COOKIES! Such a simple cookie but a disaster for me. Why?? I seem to ask myself and each year I try. Searching for the best recipe for this cookie wonder and yes this year I am going to try again.

I have found a recipe and I think it will turn out for me. You see my problem is when baking my cookies lose their shape. Forget the Stain Glass Sugar Cookies what a nightmare for me. I have watch countless videos on how to roll out, cut out, prepare the dough and finally decorate and still, it comes out a disaster.

I am not going to give up on the Wonder of this  cookie.  Christmas Sugar Cookie!   I will conquer you! And  you will sit on my Christmas Desert Table with pride!
 I hope your baking holiday time will be as fun as mine Enjoy this time of year and Happy Holidays.

Below are some Pictures of some Christmas Sugar Cookies, I hope mine will  turn out as beautiful as these.

Merry Christmas


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