Monday, May 06, 2013

Beltane or Mayday ! What is it all about?

April Showers bring May Flowers... In some parts of the world that is very true especially to those who live on the East Coast of the United States. But what does the first day of May mean? For Pagans or for those that practice the  religion of Wicca it has several meanings,but lets start with the easiest.

History tells  us that the Pagans believed and celebrating the many changes of the seasons of  Mother Earth depending on the area had Gods and Goddesses that played tribute to this were the high lite. So May 1 was the beginning  of new life fertility and birth Lets take the May Pole it is amazing that this is celebrated most everywhere but what is the May Pole? The answered  is a Facile symbol of a penis ! Yes a penis the dancing around the may Pole was weaving of ribbons until the end which was a not. In Circles today it is usually both male and female in balance going to the right and to the left until all ribbons are weaved. Fertility folks, Birth!

This is in all life. Gardens begin to grow Flowers are blooming it is the the birth of Life in all forms of passion. In some cases this is the best time for magic for those who are wanting and planning a family all life finds a way so now is the time to plant the seed.For example yesterday while working in my rose garden which is our Memorial Garden for all of our animals that have passed on I notice so many butterflies birds and bees busy about going from rose to rose and Birds busy dancing as a mating dance. A perfect day for working in the garden.

Life goes on! And in is strange and simple way the ways of the pagans are still among us daily. You don't have to erect a giant May Pole to recognize  this just simple walk outside your door and see what Mother Earth has to offer.

I hope you enjoy this month and all of what May has to offer. Embrace her beauty and warmth and Welcome Life for all of its beauty!

Below is a list of Flowers and there Magical reasons!

  • Acacia: secret love
  • Agrimony: gratitude
  • Apple blossom: good fortunes
  • Arbor vitae: undying friendship
  • Bluebell: constancy of the heart, humility
  • Buttercup: childhood friendship
  • Carnation: pure love, devotion and dedication
  • Chrysanthemum: truth and honesty
  • Crocus: be cautious with my heart
  • Daisy: innocence, purity
  • Dandelion: flirtation
  • Forget-me-not: true love
  • Gardenia: happiness, joy
  • Geranium: I love you over all others
  • Honeysuckle: faithfulness and devotion
  • Iris: respect, honor
  • Ivy: marriage, fidelity
  • Lavender: distrust, a fickle heart
  • Lemon blossom: fidelity and faithfulness
  • Lilac: innocence, pure love
  • Lily of the valley: happiness
  • Magnolia: perseverance
  • Morning glory: flirtation, admiration
  • Narcissus: self-absorption
  • Orchid: rare and exotic beauty

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