Friday, November 16, 2012

Gastritis in Dogs Poor Jacob

For years I have been giving raw bones to my poodles Jacob being the youngest to this treat. The reason are several. First is for healthy teeth and gums second they just plane enjoy!There are several on the market which one you can buy from the grocery store or from a wholesale of raw diet for dogs and cats. or your neighborhood butcher. We usually just go to the grocery store as they are USDA grade Hmm! Watch Out!

There has been controversial  wither a dog can get food poison, samanali, or e- coli. to those that feed a consistent raw diet and are into holistic foods will tell you no. But I'm not to sure after my event that happened just recent  with my one standard Poodle Jacob.
there are studies out there showing yes they can get all of the above and the most common given name is Gastritis.
You would think that a dog who eats garbage and the ever so delicacies road kill would be immune well they are not perhaps just lucky or the dog having enough good bacteria in the colon to cancel out the bad.
Most Veterinarians will tell you not to feed raw diet and no raw bones and with that the ever lending controversial remains is a raw diet good for your dog. So the food industries for our ever loving porches have created a never ending line of chew products calming to be good for your dog.
In my humble opinion I am more cautious about those products which have been know to cause obstructions then I am on giving a raw bone.

Gastritis, or food poison as we call it is awful and painful to our dogs  just as it is for us. It usually occurs after the dog has eaten in can appear within 2-4 hrs later give or take and depending on the dog. Both Young and Old dogs can develop this and should be treated as soon as possible but studies show more often in younger dogs.This does not mean that every time your dog has diarrhea you need to take to the vets. It does mean that if it is chased by severe vomiting then yes that is a trip.
Treatment is very simple is very simple. They usually check to see what the bacteria counts is by a fecal sometimes fluids are in order and a injection to calm the tummy and stop the vomiting  chased by a antibiotic
all of these  things in the long run help the dog over come the awful and painful Gastritis.

In my Standard Poodle Jacob he had chewed on his raw bone for his allotted time as all of my dogs are supervised when given raw bones and only for 20 - 30 minutes just enough to remove any tarter on there teeth
later that evening he woke me wanting to go outside so I took him out and bingo diarrhea like water which by the way smelled like the bone later the vomiting happened this part was scary as the vomit looked like blood but when wiping up again smelled like bone marrow but afraid that he could of been bleeding I called my vet at home mind you at 1 am
He felt it was Gastritis and to watch him carefully and if he continued to call him and bring him in.

He had stopped vomiting and diarrhea by 5.30 am but being the nervous mom I am I headed off to my vets around 7 30 that morning while on route my vet called me on my cell and asked how Jacob was and I told him I was on his way to his office Good my vet replied and thus Jacob was treated

When we got home Jacob fell fast asleep on the couch while I continue to clean and mop the floor as well shampoo the carpet.  Later that evening Dr Horn called and asked how Jacob was doing and I said he is fast sleep and resting comfortably.
Folks there is something to say about raw bones I still feel they are safer then commercial bone just like us once in a while you get a bad product but my lesson learned is to be more aware of the raw bone and make sure the odor coming from the bone is it normal odor and not bad

Jacob is still on his medication and he is feeling back to his bouncing normal self as I am glad as that was one long and scary night for me



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