Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Morning of the Obedience Trial or lets say the Event

The long hot summer has ended. Fall Schedule of dogs events are on my calender as my recovery from my surgery is on the mend
It started off  like any morning of a Dog Trial, sipping on hot coffee, checking my list making sure all of the necessary items are packed and ready to load in the van.My Boys always seem to know what is going on and become very excited bouncing all over the place. I knew that I was going to have to make an escape as I was only taking Evan and my other two boys Thomas and Jacob, would be upset if they were left behind.

With treats in hand I took Thomas and Jacob into my bedroom and asked them to sit. Excited as they were they did and I gave lots of rewards I asked Evan to come and he came he got a reward with both Jacob and Thomas still sitting I rewarded them and closed my bedroom door. Now my bedroom door has a lock now who would ever think that the worst would happen? I certainly didn't.
Taking Evan and loading him into the van with all of the items on my list I thought I am ready soon we will be off to Orlando's Dog Club AKC Obedience Trial. Poring my to go coffee I proceeded to my bedroom to let out Thomas and Jacob but when I turned the knob THE DOOR HAD LOCK!!! How on earth could this had happened? What was I going to do? Thinking fast I went and got a butter knife. This should work why it did when we were kids! Trying no it did not work. Panic was starting to set in, quickly I went outside checking on Evan lying comfortable in his crate in the van I went to both of my bedroom windows hoping I left one of them UN locked but I did not. Frantically I thought I will run  and grab all of the screw drives and hopefully one of them will work finally I was able to open the door. When I did both Thomas and Jacob looked at me as to say Whats wrong Mom. At this time the did not see Evan and the trill of going had left I hug both of them and off I went.

I had never been to the Central Florida Fair Grounds where the trial was held and the directions on the flyer were very confusing so I programmed my GPS. Finally we were off.
Now I have not been to Orlando in a while and only to the Airport so I set aside 10.00 for tolls thinking usually there is a person able to give change.
I was guided on to my first toll road and yes I was correct there was a person on my first set of toll roads able to give me change.  I asked if he knew where the fair grounds were and he did not have a clue so onto the next and next.
My last set of tolls were a nightmare as I did not have the correct change except for one and there where no person to give me change that I would need for the nest 4 tolls.

Listening to my GPS it guided me to an exit which I took thinking it was the correct but the next thing I herd from my GPS was "REROUTING" the one  word I did not want to here More tolls and no change so for the next 3 tolls I had to run  through it was horrible alarms were going off I felt terrible! At one point I stuffed a dollar bill hopping it would except but no way that horrible alarm just kept sounding.
Finally I was back on track and made it too the Trial location Stressed as can be I took a deep breath and said to Evan we made it safe and sound.

I always seemed to arrive very early and have a long wait but thank God it is indoors and air condition so I set up Evans Crate took him out of the van and walked him around the outside of the building to let him stretch his legs.
After lunch was when our class Beginners Novice Obedience would go . Practicing on some key points it finally was our class and we were assigned first in the ring This was my first Dog Trial since my surgery on my Knee in  July so I am still in recovery It has been painful walking but I made myself do it without a limp especially in the ring.

In the ring we go as the judge called out the specific exercises
 Evan did them with out a glitch and myself handling I felt confident that we both complimented each other and were a complete team The judge complimented us and told me that we qualified!  A word that you want to here thus he earned a title.
Calling the winners back into the ring Evan knew, he was so proud. The judge calling out the placements we earned 2nd place a score of 198 and 1/2  a perfect score is 200
After receiving my ribbons  by the judge the ring Stewart had the toys for the winners and that what Evan wanted the toy. I picked out the toy handed it to Evan and he lit up off we went and we played

Heading home it was not painful at all except for one small thing. Leaving the parking lot of the fair grounds I thought Gee this is a narrow road hardly any room for all of the cars then I noticed it was a one way!



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