Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mothers Day with my Poodles & Family

As you know last Sunday was Mothers Day. This is always such a wonderful day for me. Although I .m not a mom accept to 3 beautiful Standard Poodles named Thomas Evan & Jacob which keep me very busy

My Mothers Day was a welcoming warm what I call Poodle Hug by first Thomas then Evan and followed by Jacob. Then, it was off for our early Sunday walk. Taking all three can sometimes be a challenge but today was different all three were perfect gentleman even as a couple walked by all three of my boys sat while the couple past and of course they all received grand compliments. After my 2 1/2 mile walk it was time to return home and get everything ready for my cousins to arrive.

My parents had already spent the night my cousins were to arrive for a wonderful brunch. Everything was ready. Tea Sandwiches were made salads were made refreshments all ready to go and last but not least my table was set.

My cousins had just lost there Mom my Aunt so this was their first Mothers Day without her. But my cousins are such a positive inspiration that you would of never know.

All of the moms received corsages and those that were not received herbs from my herbal garden
Lots of topics were discussed lots of laughs but the most touching was the conversation that my one Cousin Sharon and I had in the Kitchen
Sharon the eldest of my cousins gave a beautiful talk at her moms funeral and was incredibly strong but this day she cried and told me how much she misses her Mom. I too! her heart opened to the loss of her Mom and the simplicity to what this day represents.

It was a wonderful day ending with all of us laughing hugging and Oh Yes!! My Poodles got in on the action Frisbee with my cousin in the back yard.
A wonderful,meaningful and rewarding Mothers Day from Start to finish.

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