Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Jacob My Beautiful Sable Poodle

How can I describe such a beautiful boy. He is my 2 year old Sable Standard Poodle.I took Jacob home when he was 3 months of age. Coming from a well established breeder and Friend Leslie Pope of Black Tie Standard poodles in Ocala Florida Jacob coming from a long line of establish blood line of Champions of both the breed ring and the performance ring he would now find a home with his relatives Thomas & Evan and of course me

 when we arrived to pick him up he  seem very reserved sitting back from his brothers and sisters but very attentive while watching our arrival. Surrounded by the most beautiful Standard Poodles I could not wait too pick up Jacob and take him home. His color was so stunning to me however it was not  what the breed rings allows so he went to me with the intent to try agility but little did I know that was not in his future

Once getting Jacob home it took months to get him settled. Having two other boys made it difficult with a in tack boy so it was play with lots of supervision. Trust me there were lots of spats that I had to settle and Jacob with a sensitive personalty it was a challenge. As soon as he turned one I had him Neutered it was becoming  to big of a challenge even thou my other two boys were neutered Jacob still posed a threat to them so it was a good decision that needed to be made.

I worked a lot with basic training for agility but Jacob was not ready he needed other work and the more I asked in agility the more it set him, back. While in a basic Agility puppy class he barked at another puppy and he was labeled aggressive so I pulled him out of the class and decided that I needed help for more professional that deal in dog behavior and I sought out Best Behavior i Vero Beach FL he was evaluated by Cissy and she put my heart at ease that Jacob was far from being Aggressive his behavior was more of Uncertainty's Thus, there was a whole world of positive training and support that he did not get with this puppy class I was so happy that I teamed up with Cissy

Cissy toughed me that there is a whole world out there for Jacob to explore by supporting him thus giving him the confidence he lacked. The one thing that has helped Jacob tremendously was letting Jacob look at an object then as soon as he looked back reward him this gives him the support it is OK to look such small exercises like this helped allot. The other big lesson was letting other folks  pet your dog. Not all dogs like it and Jacob was one so there were ways to teach that it is OK on approval and a technique to allow the dog to feel safe. I practice theses behavior and now Jacob goes up to folks wagging the tail and wanting the attention major leaps for my boy...

I'm now working on Beginners Obedience with him in hope that I can show him in the near future but time will tell but for now he's developing into the most sweetest Boy and lets not forget brains. I have allot to be thankful  with the help of Best Behavior gave me the tools to trust and understand my dog. Who knows we just may end up at PCA Poodle Club of American annual show)



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