Monday, January 02, 2012

A Day Shy from a Year

It has been over a year since we were robbed yes robbed. I have not mention this in my blog as it happed on December 23 2010 Two days prior to Christmas and a day after the Winter Solstice. A morning I don't think I will forget but a morning I learned a valuable lesson.

My sister and I were on our way to take the dogs to the groomer this was a rarity as it is usually me bringing the dogs so it was a morning of great planning. Dropping the dogs off, Breakfast, and last minute Christmas Shopping. Now don't get me wrong, Our family is not big on gift exchanging. Just getting together for a wonderful Christmas Dinner.Cornish Hens were on the menu so I wanted to pick up the Appetizers and last minute things I would need and looking forward in sharing the day with my sister.

We left late for the groomers usually I have to be there by 8 am but we were late. Calling the groomer and letting her know off we went.
Enjoying the morning and completing all of the last minute shopping we headed home knowing I would have to return to the groomers to pick up the dogs..

Driving into the driveway I notice that the Screen to the window was by the garbage can and the window opened. Both my sister and I were staring at it but it had not hit not for a couple of minutes. Then it hit! OMG we were robbed!! We went into the house and low and behold everything gone!! All of the computers, cameras, TVs everything gone!! Our home was torn apart such a horrible feeling. My sister called 911 and we got out of the home waiting for the police. Our cats were in the house but the police advised us to wait until they arrived before entering the home so we waited. Finally they arrived and we walked through the house to find our cats. One by one they came out pretty shook up but OK and very happy to see us.

They took everything of my sisters who worked very hard for all she had. Our Moms jewelry everything gone that quick, gone.

Since then a day shy of a year we had to go to court for the sentencing of the person who robbed us and yes justice was served somehow the Gods saw it and gave back to my sister what he had taken . It is a road that this person while have to journey and faces hard times but hopefully he will have learned his lesson.

We have since move to a quiet town a town not know for gangs or high crime but like I believe it can happen anywhere. Where we are now my dogs are happy my cat Spike loves it here and both my sister and I feel more at home and safe  then ever a feeling I had lost living in the town we came from.

For me I still Lock my doors. Make sure the windows are closed and locked but somehow it is safer and cleaner A Day Shy from a Year

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