Saturday, December 24, 2011

Childhood Memories Waiting for Santa

I cannot tell you how many dreams I had as a child with great anticipation for Santa's arrival. Living in New England on the out skirts of Boston I can remember one Christmas that stood out. It was extremely cold that year and snow was predicted to happen on Christmas Eve making for a long over due White Christmas.
 Oh don't get me wrong it is always cold in New England around Christmas time but to have a fresh blanket of snow Christmas Morning was not happening to often. As a kid I loved the snow and was out in it as much as possible

This Christmas I was so excited about the Holiday  not that I had a huge gift list because I usually did not but the legend was always built up with great suspense about who is this man that comes every year and leaves a gift or two
I had seen many Santa's along the way in different locations. Even our small town of Sagus held a town Christmas Party and our neighbor dressed up as Santa with that, every child received a gift but I new when Santa came to your home it was the real thing.

Christmas Eve finally arrived. Our Mom had made all of the final arrangements for Christmas dinner with the family. Our tree was all decorated and lit up. The wreath hug on the door and it was almost time for my sister and I to go to bed. It was predicted to snow Christmas Eve so we will have a blanket of Snow On Christmas Morning. Mom was putting the cookies on a plate and she had bought huge carrots for the reindeer Mom also made a Thermos for Santa with Hot Chocolate so out all of this went on the front porch awaiting for Santa's arrival.
I was up so early that morning and pulling the drapes away from the window I saw snow white snow and I remember how beautiful it was I looked up and saw Ice on the side of our house I quickly ran to the front door and opened only to find the carrots gone cookies gone and the Thermos of Hot Cocoa empty.
I ran to the end of our walkway only to find footsteps huge much larger them my dads feet ever could be I followed them up to the porch then a nother set of prints away and off  once hitting the curb they just disappeared.Could it Be? Was it? I wasn't sure. Not even concerned about the gifts that were left under the tree only this mystery of Santa and the footsteps. I woke my sister and showed her by them it started to snow and the prints soon disappeared.

Mom and Dad finally woke up and coffee was made I then asked Mom about the foot prints and explained what I saw. Mom just smiled and said "Lydia we don't have a Fireplace Santa has to come in somehow, This is why I put everything on the front porch. and is it all gone"? "Yes" I said "Everything" "Good" Mom said "Then Santa did  not have to travel on a empty tummy"

To this day I still remember that Christmas Eve the smell of the cookies the carrots for the reindeer the Cocoa as it it was just yesterday. I don't kn ow who's footprints appeared but they were magical so magical it left a sweet memory of Santa Clause and a special Christmas Eve!!

Merry Christmas 

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