Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stromboli Night!!

 2 lbs of fresh pizza dough rubbed down with olive oil and rested over a hour
Roll out dough until thin takes a while as the dough tends to have a lot of memory
 fresh veggies
 grated  cheese
 place filling in center of dough and then roll cut slits  in center
 bake at 350 until golden brown
 My Sister making her salad which she is famous for
 Her Homemade Croutons made from 3 day old Italian Bread
 Now that is a salad
And now it is time to eat

Stromboli Night was Saturday night and Wow did we have fun! My sister and I decided to have the parents up and we decided to make Stromboli
This can be made many ways but I like a fresh Veggie and a Italian Sausage. it is very easy to make the hardest part is rolling out your dough.

Pizza dough has a lot of memory so you really have to work it. I found rubbing it down with Olive Oil helps and letting it rest outside the refrigerator is a plus.A well dusted flowered  area is much needed when rolling your dough.

My sister is famous for her well defined Salads and this one was a huge hit. Singing songs while listening to our music we both were well at work on both of our creations.
Finally everything was read and into the oven the Stromboli went.

Finally our parents arrived cocktails were made and appetizers were placed on the living room  while the Stromboli was baking and soon it was time to eat!!

Below I have posted the recipe


You Will Need

1lbs of fresh Pizza Dough cut in half
4 tsp of olive oil
fresh veggie of your liking
meat of your liking
grated fresh mozzarella cheese


Roll out your dough after it has rested on a well flowered surface
roll your dough thin
bast with olive oil
add you salta  veggies meat cheese or what you like for your filling to the center of the rolled out dough
fold in half to make a large log
cut 3 slits in log 
bake at a hot 350 oven and place in center on a baking sheet until golden brown and cheese has melted
you can serve with a red sauce but I serve plane


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