Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mom! Happy Mothers Day.

Sunday is marked as Mothers Day! But truthfully it should be everyday as should Fathers Day.

In our home our Fathers Wife Margret will be coming over and enjoying the day. But for me our Mom who passed away over 30 years ago it is always a hard day..Why? I miss our Mom terrible. Her life was taken from a Massive Heart Attack at the young age of 52. A Baker by trade in our family bakery she was a twinkle in everyone eye and lots of fun to be around. Firm but fun.

Our Moms was full of life as diverse as it was she seem to capture life most powerful moments.Raised both her daughters to take care of themselves and defend the most obscure beliefs if it is what you believed in and especially take responsibility for them.

Many years have gone by and it seems like yesterday she was alive remembering so many events that she created like Full Moon trail ridding with our horses then home when the sun came up and a awesome breakfast. I'm sure all of us have memories that are special with our Moms. One that sticks out in my mind was in High School my junior year I was in a state contest for voice and I had a bad flue and still had to perform a solo My Mother wanted to come and I told her no!! So when it came time for my solo my voice was shot. It was horrible and very embarrassing. I was excused by the judges and my VB Choir did not win in solo because of me I was so devastated I ran out of the room and guess who was standing there My Mom!!! I ran into her open arms and she embraced me. To a kid in High School this can be awful to let down your school but for some reason my MOM new she needed to be there and she was even thou I asked her not to she saw beyond and knew as all moms do she needed to be there.This among many are found memories I have of our Mom.

I do believe Mothers are Gods angels here on earth to guide us and arm us with Wisdom Teach us how to understand life greatest adversity and conquer them.But Moms are not here forever so cherish your Mothers, as soon they leave and go home to the Heavens to watch and Guide us from a different view.

Some of you are Moms, Grandma's and even Great Grandmothers what ever role you are in cherish what you have and know that you are blessed to have given the greatest gift of all, Life...Have a great Mothers Day



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