Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Fourth of July

OK, I'm going to be perfectly honest The Fourth of July is not one of my favorite Holidays Why? For several reasons. It is Hot Hot Hot. In Florida where I live it can be brutal and of course the days in July are very long. Yes it is a grand Holiday as we gained independence and I'm all for that but truthfully it hard especially when you live in a neighborhood that loves to set off fireworks at a drop of a hat but Mostly because it disturbs and frightens my Poodles.My one standard Thomas will not leave my side and shivers my other boy Evan is the same so I have to stay home with them. In my neighborhood the fireworks are very intense and they can last as long as well into the early morning ...Lets say 3 or 4 it gets to b e too much

Their was a time I loved the Fourth and had so much fun enjoying the fireworks. Living in Northern California it was wonderful and in July it was always cool. sweater weather so off to a block party then to see the towns display of fireworks and wow how beautiful to watch Fireworks on a cool crisp night a typical summer only Northern California could offer.

I'm proud of our country and especially with all of its diversity it what makes us so special.
History has proven its strength and discipline to make us to what we are today so a celebration is in order and much enjoyed.

Barbecues and picnic are happening everywhere with all of our favorite summer recipes and for some people family reunions are celebrated it truly is a time for outdoor fun.

As a child I always remembered the fireworks I really loved them they were so powerful and loud but that was the fun of it. Sparklers were a must for all of the kids in the neighborhood and Mom made sure there were plenty around.
But today I celebrate different I appreciate all of our Great nation and very proud of who we are. But I choose to remain quiet and stay home with my boys I just wish I could convince my Poodles how fun and great Fireworks can be

Happy 4


Karen Deborah said...

The doggie love of my life was a black male standard poodle. Your boys are amazing!!! Have a happy 4th!

Lydia said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog and thanks for commenting about my poodles they are amazing dogs have a happy 4th