Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Family Celebration!!

My Boys and My Cat Spike Enjoy Sunday Morning Outside in
our back yard

My Sunday Morning 1950s all Pyrex Breakfeast Table setting

Our Dear friend Dot who came for our celebration

My Dear Friend Eric who came for our celebration
My Father and Erich sharing a piece of bread and my Dad
tradition of pouring the wine
All of us around the table laughing and enjoying the cake!
My Sister preparing the salad and all of its fixing!
Sitting around in the living room enjoying the conversation!
The Table is set and ready for everyone to enjoy!

Our Family Celebration!

It was so nice to Celebrate such wonderful events such as Fathers Day and yes My Birthday.
We Celebrated both occasion as my Birthday was only a week from Fathers Day so we thought why not have one big weekend of Family fun.
Of course I had to make dinner so it started Friday evening with the making of Paula Dean recipe for Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Which by the way was easy and fast to make.
I was up early Saturday Morning with the baking of the Birthday cake which was German Chocolate Cake which is my favorite and ot turned out wonderful I was happy with it.

The dinner was my homemade Italian Red Sauce for my Chicken Cacciatori. Garlic Bread a a herbal salad that my sister made was to die for!
Finally my family and good friends arrived! We had such a wonderful evening and shared many of stories and laughs and before we new it the evening had ended.

My friends had left and only my family stayed then it became movie time. My sister had chosen the movie and she was narrating through the entire DVD it was
painful but we had good laughs.

It was so good to have everyone over and to share birthdays and Fathers Day. A time that seemed without borders it was wonderful. I cherish all of these gatherings and would not trade them for the world as it was the greatest gift that I ever received was family being together



Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Great pictures...I love your beautiful poodles!!!

Lydia said...

Thank you Coralie

It was a wonderful weekend and my boys are just so wonderful and a joy both Thomas & Evan enjoy the company as well

Have a wonderful Fourth


Sara said...

Looks like a great time. I love the dogs...I think it will be the next breed that joins our family.
I also collect old bottles but I adore the floral lids!!

Lydia said...

Hi Sara

Thank you for stopping by and Yes I think Standard poodles are wonderful they are very smart and loyal as well as athletic so you have brains beauty and drive

Again hope to see you soon

Lea said...

WOW Lydia what a celebration!!!
Looks like you had a wonderful time!!
Your dogs are gorgeous!! Love the pic on your sidebar of the one leaping over the hurdle!

Lydia said...

Thanks Lea

Yes my Boys are named Thomas & Evan Evan is the Black and Thomas is the white poodle they are full littermate brothers and are 5 years of age.
I compete in agility with them and they are awesome very fast boys and they love to jump

Hope you have had a wonderful 4th
Always Lydia