Saturday, June 19, 2010


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Shanda said...

Hi Lydia, Thank you so much for visiting. I enjoyed my visit at your place also. We seem to have alot in common. I raise English Pointers bird dogs. I just lost my dear pup I named baby Daisy. She was named after her mother and the baby part just sort of stuck. I kept to sisters from the same little. She was just barely over a year old and never return from her daily run and hunt. Her sister pup is still so devestated and shy now. They act like maybe I done something and seem almost untrusting. I have been very sad for almost a month now. I am slowly coming out of my own shell about this. She really was a huge part of our family. Not child like...we have children, but we loved her none the less than if she were. A member of our family is gone forever now and it seems so hard for some to understand.

I really am interested in reading about your agility dogs. They are so beautiful. A couple wer know who owns the cattle auction barn here, they have 2 also. They are all about the ball. Just throw them a ball.

I hope you find your stove someday. I found mine..and for a song too. guess it was just meant to be.
The smile box thingy is quite a little piece of techno. Loved that also.
Take care,

Lydia said...

Thank you for stopping by and I'm so sorry about your dog I know how hard it can be I have always have had Standard Poodles and my boys I would be lost with out them They are my life

Try to see your Daisey safe and with angles and give her sister lots of love she will come around

I do post from time to time my agility with my boys so check back

Take care and please lets keep in touch