Friday, May 07, 2010

To Have a Mom

To Have a Mom!

Every year Mothers Day rolls around and every year I approach this day with some bit of sadness. Why? Because our Mom had passed away suddenly from a massive hear attack 25 years ago while I was in school for Surgical Technology. My sister and I were very close with our Mom although our parents had divorced while my sister in high school and I just entering Jr High it was a hard blow to be from a divorced parents but it all worked out.

We grew up with a Mom who had a strong love for animals epically horses and dogs so we always had such. Our Mom was a baker by trade along with her brother so it was usual to have Mom early to bed and very early to rise. Some of my most fond memories of my Mom was always during the holidays where Mom and her brother slept on flour sack at the bakery due to mass demands of orders.My sister cousins close friends and myself were always bagging cookies and wrapping coffee cakes the smell always filled their air with the scent of the Holidays.

To this day there is not a moment that I do not think of my Mom. What would she think of my poodles? Would she enjoy watching her daughter run her dogs in Agility? Would she be proud of my quest for baking? So many things that I have not been able to share with Mom. So many things I want to be able to share with my Mom but the force of Life and fate took Mom away and only left me with Memories.

I am blessed to have my father who is such a positive person and a joy to have as a Dad He is married to a wonderful woman who has been a positive influence in both my sister and myself life.To this day I do not call her my step mom as I find that a negative word and one that I have chosen not to use. Margret is such a kind and thoughtful person and her quest for life is always a adventure she is a gentle soul and has always been there for both Valerie and Myself.

Looking back at a time when my Mother had come out to visit me in San Fransisco we were standing in Larkspur Landing waiting for the Fairy and she asked me if there was anything that I ever regretted she had done as a Mom . Now if was younger I would of jumped on this question but No I did not see that opportunity at all I just looked at her and said " I would not have changed a thing"Oh don't get me wrong, My Mom was not a June Clever No not at all in fact she was very strong will and had a strong opinion about most everything and taught and believed that her daughters to be prepared for life and no how to navigate it. .And Thus both my sister and I did.

Mothers Day to me is special and like any other Daughter or Son who want to show some appreciation for everything that has been done for you.So both my sister and I always plane something for Margret this year is a Mothers Day Brunch and a gift of Ont of my vintage aprons from my personal collection. This will be a joy for her as well as me as I love to prepared a beautiful table setting for all to enjoy!

So all of your Daughter and Sons who have Moms take good care of them for in a second they can be swept away and never to be seen again. Cherish every talk, every walk, and all the laughter you can store. Hug your Mom and tell her she is the most important Lady in your life and most of all enjoy your Mom on Mothers Day and everyday!



Lexus20070 said...

I feel the exact same way. I lost mom 3 years ago this comming May 20. I miss her something fierce but know that she would have wanted me to continue in the Std Poodles which is what I love. She would be very proud of what is going on now and I know she is with me in spirit. She would be very proud of Evan and Thomas in their agility too. Evan was her boy. Roxanne

Lydia said...

Thank You Roxanne for your lovely comment I'm sure your Mom would be proud of them as well