Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hats Hats A Day of Hats!

My private
collection 1940's Vintage
Late 1920's Lady's Day
Mid 1930's Hats
Early 1930's Hats

What better way then to start your day with Vintage Hats dated as far back as the late 1920's to the 1940's. Vintage Hats and Clothing have always been my passion of mine for a long time in fact I love displaying them through out my entire home. My poodles have learned not to touch them so I consider myself fortunate not to have them destroyed by my whimsical Standard Poodles.

You might wonder how on earth she has found such treasures? Lets put it this way, it has not been easy. My hunts were always plotted out carefully you had to get up very early to make you find and you had to be able to beat the Antique Dealers. with my passion I really did not have to worry to much as most Dealers were interested in China and Furniture so if there was any Vintage Hats I stood a good Chance of getting them.

I did not always find what I wanted and I passed up quite a bit as it was too damage for my liking and most of the time I came home empty handed but as I mention it is a hunt and that was the fun of it.

I do have a dear friend who has embellished herself in her Vintage Hats and Clothing and has been collecting for many years and sometime we talk about exchanging hats however it never comes to light as both of us do not want to give up our hats. But it is fun to talk about it.

Most of my 1920's Hats I sold to private collectors and only have a Lady's Day Hat left. Today I will not part with it.Pricing of a 1920's Cloche Hat is very expensive you can pay up too $200 or more so if your Grandma has one you might want to hold onto it.The average Lady's Vintage Hat from a Antique Dealer dating from the 30's -50's can be as high as $35-$125 or more depending of the condition.

The best places to find Vintage Hats or Clothing is Estate Sales but you better get there early as you will have to stand in line as you and every other collector has the same thing in mind "The Find"

Now I do not collect as much as my dedication is more towards my Standard Poodles but my passion and love is still there and every so often I drive by a Estate Sale and find myself trying to find a parking spot to park in run in.


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